• Cooking workshops - From Nourishing Hearty Soup to Vibrant Salad, Kenyan stews to Tibetan Mogmog, Thai Papaya Salad to Peruvian Ceviche, Baruch is thrilled to share the secrets teachings of nourishment so that YOU can be empowered to take control of your health and palate! 

    • Herbal Healing sharings - Edible and Medicinal Plant Walks, Medicine Making, and more are all possible!  Contact Baruch to custom plan something for you and your group!

    • More gatherings to come!  Contact Baruch at to get on the list for future gatherings coming up.
"Baruch led the creation of an immensely popular raw kale salad workshop.  I arrived just before dinner to get some bites of his delicious creation and to see about 50 other people nibbling kale like it was chocolate cake.  Well done!" -Adam Edell at the 2011 Hazon Bike Ride