Passion Foods Catering: 
Sumptuous buffets for any budget!

Invite your friends to your home or to a beautiful outdoors location for a special Birthday or other festive gathering, and we will feed you and your guests with an unforgettable feast!

Medicinal herbs are custom tailored to fit the situation.  For instance, in a meeting that requires a lot of thinking, Baruch might serve a soup that increases memory and alertness.  Similarly, if a gathering is meant to feel warm and homey, other ingredients can help people to feel warm and cozy.  Talk with Chef Baruch to plan just how you want your event to be!

References available upon request.

From some of our Satisfied Clients:

"Beautiful food presentation, professional touch and affordable service!  I'm VERY happy!  Thank you Baruch!"
The Moishe House
Berkeley, CA

"Passion Foods" upgraded my birthday supper from a simple party meal to an exotic and delicious happening!  Working within our parameters of price and ingredients (no gluten), Avishai and Viviana provided wholesome, scrumptious food, gorgeously and  colorfully presented!   When they arrived dressed in white, bearing flowers and large bowls and platters of all shapes and sizes, we and our guests felt like queens and kings at some mythical feast.  The final touch: when we emptied out the large pot that held the lentil vegetable soup, we found in the bottom a polished stone, a reminder of the story of "stone soup," the fabled stone that attracts a onion from this one, a carrot from that one until a nourishing soup is concocted by the whole community.  This attention to both the spiritual and the physical dimension of the meal they provide is what makes Avishai's and Viviana's catering so unique and special. 

Rabbi Diane Elliot, RSMT
The Aquarian Minyan
Berkeley, CA