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how we prepare passion foods

Using clay, ceramic or stainless-steel pots, all soups are based on a nutritious, mineral rich broth, either from long- simmered bones or from vegetables (for the vegetarian soups). We use only fresh, almost entirely Organic produce. The meats are without Hormones and Antibiotics, Free Ranged and local (mostly Organic and grass-fed). Our soups are always Gluten and Dairy Free. We do not use any frozen or processed ingredients. We use pre-soaked, organic grains and legumes, which increases their digestibility, bio-availability and flavor.
We use sea salt, extra virgin Olive Oil, homegrown fresh herbs and exotic spices. We use principles of Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Eco-Kashrut, Slow Foods and Nourishing Traditions cooking.

Most weeks there are both meat and vegetarian choices.
Soups are served in Quart containers, either paperboard (when hot) or plastic (when cold).  They can be refrigerated for several days, or frozen for later use.
They make a delicious and sustaining breakfast!
We also make a Zesty Tahini Sauce, called "5D Sesame Tahini: Dip, Dress, Dollop, Drizzle & Devour!" that goes well in all soups.

Our salads are a dazzling raw meal in itself, with fresh veggies from all kingdoms, roasted seeds, flowers and a home made dressing
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